How To Optimize Website:10 Ultimate On-Page SEO Checklist

Boost Your Website Traffic: Essential On-Page SEO Techniques

On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is the process of optimizing a website’s content and structure for search engines and users. This can help pages rank higher on Google and drive more organic traffic. Below are the techniques used in on-page SEO.

boost your website visibility - on-page seo


  1. Page Speed Test
  2. GSC Indexing Errors Fix
  3. Light/ Mobile Friendly Theme
  4. Minify Java Script And CSS
  5. Avoid Orphan Pages (Pages Without Internal Link)


  1. Add Relevant Schemas
  2. Add Schema In Header
  3. Add Schema To Every Page


  1. 1200+ Words
  2. Paragraphs <= 20 Words
  3. Use Bullet Points
  4. Looks Like Human Written
  5. Unique And 100% Accurate
  6. Use Subheadings To Structure
  7. Actionable
  8. Use Copywriting Tips
  9. Use Numbers, Facts, Figures
  10. Add Info Boxes To highlight Important Information.

Keyword Research

  1. Target One Keyword At One Page
  2. Less Competitive Keyword
  3. Target Keyword Aligned With User Intent
  4. Check Monthly Search Volume
  5. Check Keyword Trend On Google Trends

Keyword Placements

  1. H1 Tag (Title Of Page)
  2. Place In URL
  3. Keyword Should be in 1st 100 Words
  4. Save Images File Name As Keyword
  5. Place in H2 Heading
  6. Place naturally in H3
  7. Place in Meta Description naturally
  8. Place in Title Tag
  9. Place in Alt Text Of Image
  10. Use Keyword Naturally in body
  11. Use keyword in End of content

Meta Description

  1. 150 Characters
  2. Target Keyword naturally placed
  3. Naturally Add CTA
  4. Value Adding


  1. Place Main keyword
  2. Add () to remove spaces

Page Title

  1. Target 1 Keyword Only
  2. Keep Title Tag less than 60 Characters
  3. Provide Promised Content
  4. Use Odd Numbers, Power Emotional Words
  5. For Location Searches Localize Title


  1. Use WebP (Next Gen Image Format)
  2. Less than 100 KB
  3. At least 4-5 Images
  4. Infographics, Unique, High Quality
  5. Less Than Page Width (1280×720 Px)
  6. Supporting Keywords As Image Alt texts
  7. Alt Text With Keyword
  8. File Names With Keyword

Internal & External Links

  1. 35 Internal Links
  2. Use Exact Or Partial Match Anchor Texts
  3. External Links Must Open In New Tab
  4. 3+ Keyword Matched Internal Links
  5. 13 High Quality Do Follow/ No Follow Link To Authoritative Website

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