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Smartcity lahore Jobs 2023

Multiple Roles at Smart City Private Housing Sector Department: Job Openings in Islamabad, Punjab

Unlock career prospects with our private housing sector department. Explore diverse opportunities at the smart city mega housing project on Chakri Road / M2, Rawalpindi.

Available Vacancies:

1. Facilitation Center:

    Deputy General Manager (Mali Lt Col Retd)

    Customer Sales Representatives (Girls  50%)

2. Transfer & Record Branch:

    Record Keeper

3. Control & Operation Branch:

    Manager DGM Building Control

4. Surveyor

5. Manager DEO (Data Entry Operator)

6. IT Branch:

    Assistant Engineer (IT)

    FD Operator

7. Engineer Maintenance Branch:

    Electrical Medical Engineer

8. Sanitation & Solid Waste Management Branch:

    Maintenance Engineer Mechanical

    Maintenance Supervisor

9. Parks & Horticulture Branch:


10. Media & PR:


11. Accounts & Revenue Branch:

     Assistant Manager

12. Administration Branch:

     Admin Assistant

     Superintendent Store


Specific qualifications and experience indicated for each role.

Ideal candidates possessing relevant credentials are encouraged to apply.

Location: Chakri Road / M2, Rawalpindi

Qualification: Matric, Middle.F.A F.SC/ICS.DAE(CIT) ,BE Electrical ,Mechanical ,Telecomm, BBA,MBA,B.Sc,BA ,I.Com,, Civil,Adm Course , BS , , Msc Mass Comm,

Application Process:

Eligible candidates must submit applications before 25th August 2023 on email address

Apply now by sending your applications to For detailed insights, visit our official website. Unveil limitless possibilities at the forefront of the housing sector.

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